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  0001865116 [Double Commander]
File operations
majornew2017-06-20Multi byte character can not be searched by regex correctly
  00017271   [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
trivialresolved (Alexx2000)2017-06-18Disks are duplicated in the tree view panel if it was not opened at start
  0001867    [Double Commander]
minornew2017-06-18Suggestion for fonts on Win32
  000186611 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-06-17Brief view still shows default columns
  00011192   [Double Commander]
File operations
minornew2017-06-15Open/edit multiple files under windows
  000185761 [Double Commander]
blockresolved (Alexx2000)2017-06-14Infinite loop caused by TCustomGrid
  0001697 1 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minornew2017-06-12If the directory is updated during rename, the rename field may find itself over the wrong file
  000145632 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
trivialacknowledged2017-06-12Не исчезает подсвеченный мышкой каталог в адресной строке
  000153311 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minoracknowledged2017-06-12Улучшения диалога при переименовании файла в существующий
  0001769 1 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
featureresolved (Alexx2000)2017-06-12Escape to cancel editing of fields in Custom columns settings
  000142721 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
trivialresolved (Alexx2000)2017-06-12Renaming from quick search displays text field over the wrong file
   00012832219 [Double Commander]
Language translation
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-06-11Russian Translation
  00016191   [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minorassigned (Alexx2000)2017-06-07Открытие окна поиска и нажатие стрелки вниз выдаёт не последний поисковый запрос (ошибка с автодополнением звёздочки)
  00018371   [Double Commander]
majornew2017-06-05Freeze on entering unreachable network paths
  0001864    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minornew2017-06-05Field editor of custom columns settings table ignores table scrolling and remains in place
  0001863 1 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minornew2017-06-04An empty band overlaps folder tabs
  000164521 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
trivialresolved (Alexx2000)2017-06-04The long name of a file or folder is truncated when it is the only file/folder on the drive
  000114651 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
featurenew2017-06-03Add option to popup the drive selector context menu Alt-F1 / Alt-F2 at the cursor position
  0001397 1 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
trivialresolved (Alexx2000)2017-06-03Двойной щелчок по столбцу сортировки не воспринимается как два клика
  0001862    [Double Commander]
majornew2017-06-03Не ввести букву "Л" (заглавная Л) в формы ввода при переименовании файла, поиске и т.д.
  000173711 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
tweakresolved (Alexx2000)2017-06-02Do not close the rename field if the rename has failed
  00018591   [Double Commander]
featureresolved (Alexx2000)2017-06-02Assign CTRL+TAB to switch tabs in the find files dialog (ALT+F7)
  0001860    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
trivialnew2017-06-02File extension is printed over the icon when it is too long
  0001509 1 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
tweaknew2017-06-01When you type an address in the address bar and got it wrong, you don't have a chance to correct the typo
  000184722 [Double Commander]
crashresolved (Alexx2000)2017-05-31Crash on start
  00018561   [Double Commander]
File operations
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-05-31Rename mechanism
  00018114   [Double Commander]
File operations
featureacknowledged2017-05-30Unpack to source folder(s)
  00018495   [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
featurenew2017-05-30Do not close 'Find files' dialog when I press 'Go to file' or 'Feed to listbox' button. Leave the search in the backround!
  0001854 1 [Double Commander]
crashnew2017-05-29Crash when closing SynWrite viewer plugin
  0001853    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
featurenew2017-05-27Double click between the header of the column to resize it so that none of the contents of the column are trimmed
  00018522   [Double Commander]
File operations
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-05-27Directory symlink is NTFS junction
  000184831 [Double Commander]
minornew2017-05-26Can't compare two archives using directory synchronization tool
  0001851    [Double Commander]
minornew2017-05-26Access violation when trying to unpack a file by dropping it on a disk button when zip archives are opened in both panels
  0001850    [Double Commander]
minornew2017-05-25 [^] not found from Help in DC
  0001776171 [Double Commander]
File operations
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-05-24Filenames not passed on correctly to MP3Tag
  0001846    [Double Commander]
File operations
minornew2017-05-22Излишняя оптимистичность при рассчете скорости копирвания при наличии дублей и включении их пропуска
  0001627 1 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-05-20Btn in the bottom panel, on scale 200%
  0001357 1 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-05-20List index (0) out of bounds
  0001488510 [Double Commander]
Language translation
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-05-20Spanish Translation
  000169461 [Double Commander]
majorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-05-20Replace by in the Find files dialog should understand Regexp (\0, \1, \r, \n) when the appropriate checkbox is set
  000167131 [Double Commander]
majornew2017-05-20Can't drag-n-drop from Windows Explorer when a zip archive is opened in it
  0001844    [Double Commander]
minornew2017-05-19Thumbnails do not update on auto refresh
  0001843    [Double Commander]
minornew2017-05-19Text thumbnails do not display the last line of text
  000138721 [Double Commander]
File operations
minoracknowledged2017-05-19Поиск по файлам с проверкой содержимого изменяет access time всех проверяемых файлов
  0001841    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-05-19Rename field has bad size and position in columns view with horizontal scrolling or with name column not in the first position
  0001842    [Double Commander]
minornew2017-05-19Access violation when switching from brief to full view
  00018281   [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-05-18DoubleCommander in taskbar on second monitor not visible
  00014172   [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
trivialacknowledged2017-05-18Changed sorting settings aren't applied immediately after OK/Apply
  0001749    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
featureacknowledged2017-05-18MacOS-style Hotkeys to search text in viewer
  00018363   [Double Commander]
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-05-17Hangs on loading
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