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  0001785 2 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minornew2017-03-26Interface partially covered and 5th line always selected
  000148858 [Double Commander]
Language translation
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-03-26Spanish Translation
  00017842   [Double Commander]
minornew2017-03-26Lazarus 1.7: The window size greater than the size of the screen after restart DC/The width of the columns is not restored
  0001780    [Double Commander]
crashresolved (Alexx2000)2017-03-25ftp.wfx: cannot enter the plugin menu after adding an entry with empty name
  0001763 1 [Double Commander]
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-03-25SevenZip plugin can't be compiled with Lazarus 1.6.4/FreePascal 3.0.2
  0001782    [Double Commander]
featurenew2017-03-25Browse partially downloaded ZIP archive
  0001781    [Double Commander]
featurenew2017-03-25CRX format support (archive)
  00015183   [Double Commander]
featureresolved (Alexx2000)2017-03-25DC website: enchance its security
  0001779    [Double Commander]
minornew2017-03-25WFX plugin: Add, Remove, Add it again, Access violation
  00017781   [Double Commander]
minornew2017-03-24WLX plugin Imagine lock current directory
  0001777    [Double Commander]
File operations
minornew2017-03-22Drag and drop to DC from FireFox / Chromium does not work
  0001776    [Double Commander]
File operations
minornew2017-03-21Filenames not passed on correctly to MP3Tag
  0001775    [Double Commander]
majornew2017-03-20Command of View Action in File associations runs multiple times when multiple files are selected
  0001774    [Double Commander]
File operations
minornew2017-03-20refusal to make a copy
  00017685   [Double Commander]
featureresolved (Alexx2000)2017-03-19SVG support in Viewer and thumbnails
  0001773    [Double Commander]
minornew2017-03-187z packing not started due to Not enough memory creates a malformed archive that prevents repeating the operation
  0001772    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
trivialnew2017-03-18Error: Pack to file ... - Function aborted by user
  0001771 1 [Double Commander]
File operations
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-03-17Context menu commands run with wrong current directory
  0001770    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minornew2017-03-16Dragging a column separator resizes the wrong column in the wrong direction with Auto size column: First
  0001769    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
featurenew2017-03-16Escape to cancel editing of fields in Custom columns settings
  00017543   [Double Commander]
crashnew2017-03-14Crashs, eventually, while Show Thumbnails, with arrow key or mouse
  00017651   [Double Commander]
File operations
featurenew2017-03-13Prompt for filename on file paste when file already exists
  0001767    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
featurenew2017-03-13Show thumbnails in place of icons
  0001766    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
featurenew2017-03-13Thumbnails view: change thumbnails size
  00017605   [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
majornew2017-03-12Sort by Date and Default Font
  00017641   [Double Commander]
minornew2017-03-12underline character shown as space
  00017621   [Double Commander]
File operations
featureacknowledged2017-03-12Show the processes, which lock the file from deletion.
  0000571    [Double Commander]
File operations
featurenew2017-03-12Unlock and Delete
  00014751   [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-03-1122x22 should be 24x24
  00017611   [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-03-10searching file by name selection bar moves up or down one line too much
  00006813   [Double Commander]
majornew2017-03-09internal viewer, copy to clipboard does not work well
  0001759    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minornew2017-03-09Page up/down keys don't work as expected when using the filter panel's text box
  00017421   [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
blockacknowledged2017-03-08DC performs bad on high DPI systems
  0000851 1 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
majorassigned (Alexx2000)2017-03-08Support DPI scaling
  00016502   [Double Commander]
featurenew2017-03-08Viewer - separate the window from the main window
  000137551 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
majoracknowledged2017-03-08Wrong control spacing on HiDPI screens
  000120013 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
majoracknowledged2017-03-08On Windows if fonts are scaled Find Files dialog has misaligned view components
  0001393    [Double Commander]
minoracknowledged2017-03-08Syntax Highlighter - Built in Editor (F4)
  0001756    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
featurenew2017-03-07Brief view: Maximum columns width, Minimum columns count
  0001755    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
majornew2017-03-07Name column collapses (zero size) when auto size first column is enabled
  0001439    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
featurenew2017-03-07"Show file extensions after file name" for full view
  0001753    [Double Commander]
featurenew2017-03-06Track and delete automatically a temporary unpacked executable
  00017261   [Double Commander]
majornew2017-03-06Using by keyboard only is not possible
  0001751 1 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minornew2017-03-05Size is padding with extra spaces at the left
  000019422 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
featureacknowledged2017-03-05Extend filenames without extension to the max
  0001750    [Double Commander]
trivialnew2017-03-04Show command line after add path / filename
  00017404   [Double Commander]
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-03-04Custom commands with hotkeys and tool icons
  0001749    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
featurenew2017-03-04MacOS-style Hotkeys to search text in viewer
  00014664   [Double Commander]
majorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-03-04Mac: must use hotkeys Meta+C/ V/ X
  00017382   [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-03-03Don't trigger hotkeys while in change file name mode
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