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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001941    [Double Commander]
featurenew2017-11-16Allow to change default tab stop value in settings
  0001940    [Double Commander]
minornew2017-11-13Qt Text Copied to Clipboard Has Incorrect Property Resulting in Content Misidentification
  00019391   [Double Commander]
minorfeedback2017-11-11Doesn't work delete on FTP
  00012584   [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
featurenew2017-11-11Drive list: Middle-click to open in new tab
  0001938    [Double Commander]
File operations
minornew2017-11-10Copy (Cirylic) FileNames & sort by names dirs (Cirylic) works incorrectly in 64-bit version.
  00019373   [Double Commander]
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-11-09No PPA repository for Ubuntu 17.10 and 18.04
  0001936    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minornew2017-11-07Delete dialog doesn't allow to use shortcut for "Add to queue"
  0001311 1 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
majorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-11-03Opening a zip file (example *.7z) in a tab, then switching to another tab and back to the original -> error.
  00016642   [Double Commander]
majorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-11-03Can`t open password protected zip file
  0001935    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minornew2017-10-31Brief View Renaming with Multiple Columns Causes Scroll Bar to Jump
  00019322   [Double Commander]
tweaknew2017-10-31After a file is deleted (F8 or <Shift> F8), the topmost file becomes selected
  0001934 1 [Double Commander]
minornew2017-10-30Viewer crashes when opening this png file
  0001797    [Double Commander]
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-10-29executing "cd" to change cwd does not work up the tree
  0001933    [Double Commander]
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-10-29Viewer store current scroll position for next/previous files
  0001871 1 [Double Commander]
File operations
majorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-10-28Internall packer does not handle Hardlinks correctly
  0000851 1 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
majorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-10-27Support DPI scaling
  0001620    [Double Commander]
File operations
featureresolved (Alexx2000)2017-10-26Create relative symlink
  0000577    [Double Commander]
File operations
featureresolved (Alexx2000)2017-10-26Возможность создания символической ссылки на каталог
  000186311 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-10-25An empty band overlaps folder tabs
  000193111 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
majorconfirmed2017-10-18Misleading tooltip to quote files and paths in the File Associations dialog
  000183423 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
majoracknowledged2017-10-18Main menu is "vertical" after system theme change
  000183231 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minoracknowledged2017-10-16Very slow File Filters - 4 seconds delay to view 24000 files with 123 file filters.
  0001459    [Double Commander]
File operations
featureassigned (Alexx2000)2017-10-16verify checksum with whitespaces
  00019301   [Double Commander]
crashfeedback2017-10-16Double Commander Crashes
  000185781 [Double Commander]
blockresolved (Alexx2000)2017-10-11Infinite loop caused by TCustomGrid
  0001929 1 [Double Commander]
majornew2017-10-10FTP download operation does not finish properly
  0001928 1 [Double Commander]
majornew2017-10-10Error dialog window hidden and can be shown only from Task Manager
  0001059 6 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minorresolved2017-10-10Наложение элементов интерфейса
  00016123   [Double Commander]
majorfeedback2017-10-10Viewer is Slow When Lines are Long
  00017263   [Double Commander]
majoracknowledged2017-10-10Using by keyboard only is not possible
  000192721 [Double Commander]
minoracknowledged2017-10-08Compare by Contents - Not Implemented from Search result and archives.
  00018801   [Double Commander]
minoracknowledged2017-10-06Shortcuts for "Select all" and "Find" commands are mistakenly switched
  00019241   [Double Commander]
majorfeedback2017-10-06All text in TextEdit on search window in editor and viewer must be selected and focused on every search dialog open
  00019222   [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minoracknowledged2017-10-06escaping file filter causes position switch, if you used "Up"/"Down" during file filter
  000192611 [Double Commander]
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-10-05Error window on options save
  0000407216 [Double Commander]
Language translation
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-10-01Updated Slovenian translation
   00012832522 [Double Commander]
Language translation
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-10-01Russian Translation
  00011924   [Double Commander]
minornew2017-09-29Drag and drop doesn't work outside the program after showing the context menu.
  0001925 1 [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minornew2017-09-29Changing the brightness level of the inactive file panel doesn't affect the text color
  00019231   [Double Commander]
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-09-28Recent change (rev 7793) causes access violation when clicking on file view empty area
  00013432   [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minorconfirmed2017-09-27File listing adjusts when Quick Search closes
  00019031   [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minornew2017-09-25Hot Keys When Renaming Files and Folder
  00019202   [Double Commander]
featurenew2017-09-24Add a command to run any program
  0000997    [Double Commander]
File operations
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-09-22DC doesn't update descript.ion on file rename
  00011493   [Double Commander]
File operations
featurenew2017-09-20UAC prompt for completing file system operation as Administrator
  00019131   [Double Commander]
minorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-09-18Drag and drop delay causes for wrong file selection
  0001915    [Double Commander]
File operations
featureacknowledged2017-09-18drag and drop outside Doublecmd not possible
  000058910   [Double Commander]
File operations
majorconfirmed2017-09-18Drag and Drop didn't work
  00014772   [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
minoracknowledged2017-09-18Fullscreen image view mode isn't really fullscreen
  0001916    [Double Commander]
Graphical user interface
majorresolved (Alexx2000)2017-09-18copying networked path is incorrect
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