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Backward incompatible changes

  • Shortcuts configuration file format has changed. The old configuration is converted on first start, the old file is renamed to shortcuts.scf.ini.obsolete and shortcuts.scf is replaced with the new format.
  • Internal editor highlighter configuration is now stored in highlighters.xml. The old editor.col is renamed to editor.col.obsolete on first start and may be deleted, together with also not needed twilight.col.
  • All history is now stored in history.xml. The old *history.txt is renamed to *history.txt.obsolete on first start and may be deleted.
  • Toolbar configuration is now stored in doublecmd.xml file in Toolbars/MainToolbar section. The old configuration that was stored in file is converted on first run. Any other .bar files that were referenced either by cm_OpenBar or cm_ShowButtonMenu commands are converted to submenus. The processed files are renamed to .bar.obsolete and may be later deleted.

New features and changes

  • Mac OS X port
  • Possibility to show icons for actions in the main menu
  • Quick search and quick filter were merged and enhanced:
    1. Filter directories / only files / both directories and files
    2. Case sensitive / insensitive option
    3. Allow changing options (filter, match beginning/end, case sensitivity) for individual tabs without affecting the rest, either with mouse or hotkeys
    4. Allow to continue writing text while the starting modifier Alt or Ctrl+Alt is kept pressed
  • Brief view mode (only shows the file names). Can be enabled from main menu "Show->Brief" or by shortcut Ctrl+F1.
  • Thumbnails view mode (shows preview pictures for various file types). Can be enabled from main menu "Show->Thumbnails" or by shortcut Shift+Ctrl+F1.
  • Typing in command line is not restricted to "by letter" anymore. It is also possible to type with Alt or Ctrl+Alt.
  • Hotkeys can be assigned to work only in some controls and with different parameters. They can also be configured for other windows; new commands have been added to Viewer and Copy/Move windows. It is also possible to start commands after a sequence of more than shortcut.
  • More options for sorting: choose how directories are sorted, choose where new files and updated files are placed in a file list.
  • When file operation starts progress window can be minimized to taskbar or hidden. Copy, Move, Delete commands can be set to not display confirmation window too.
  • The number of queues for file operations is not restricted to 1 anymore. Operations can be moved within a queue and from one queue to another on the fly. Copy, Move operations can be instructed to automatically start in a certain queue via hotkeys.
  • Some commands, like cm_Copy, cm_Rename, cm_Delete, are now more configurable by specifying parameters when assigning a hotkey. Different hotkeys can have a different set of parameters, independently of global settings, for more flexible execution.
  • Compare directories has been added that will highlight files not existing in the opposite panel as well as files that are newer than in the opposite panel.
  • For Copy and Move operations on a local filesystem a template can be used to specify in more details which files/directories to copy or move and which to exclude. Template parameters are basically the same as can be specified in Find Files dialog.
  • New command line parameters. Double Commander can be called with one or two directories as command line parameters. This will set these directories in one or both of the file panels. The switches are NOT case sensitive.
doublecmd.exe [-T] [-P L|R] [path1\subpath1] [path2\subpath2]
doublecmd.exe [-T] [-P L|R] [-L path1\subpath1] [-R path2\subpath2] 
Path\SubPath Loads the first directory passed to Double Commander into the left panel, and the second into the right panel. Directory names containing spaces must be put in double quotes. Always specify the full path name.
-L Set path in left panel
-R Set path in right panel
-P Sets the active panel at program start: -P L left, -P R right
-T Opens the passed dir(s) in new tab(s)
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