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- 0000678: [File operations] File type converter for viewer not working - new.
- 0001393: [Editor] Syntax Highlighter - Built in Editor (F4) - acknowledged.
- 0000194: [Graphical user interface] Extend filenames without extension to the max - acknowledged.
- 0001705: [File operations] Opening terminal while moving file keeps the file open on source drive (Alexx2000) - acknowledged.
- 0001234: [File operations] Wrong estimated remaining time, if total amount of time is greather than 24 hours - acknowledged.
- 0001132: [Graphical user interface] [Patch] Most icons doesn't look right on Mac OS X - acknowledged.
- 0000695: [Viewer] Standard Mac OS shortcuts for doesn't work in Viewer (Alexx2000) - assigned.
- 0001780: [Plugins] ftp.wfx: cannot enter the plugin menu after adding an entry with empty name (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001771: [File operations] Context menu commands run with wrong current directory (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001475: [Graphical user interface] 22x22 should be 24x24 (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001466: [Logic] Mac: must use hotkeys Meta+C/ V/ X (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001714: [Viewer] When opening a search window in the viewer, search field should be filled with currently selected text (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001619: [Graphical user interface] Открытие окна поиска и нажатие стрелки вниз выдаёт не последний поисковый запрос (ошибка с автодополнением звёздочки) (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001631: [Graphical user interface] Формат размера файла с двумя знаками после запятой (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001693: [Graphical user interface] MultiRename tool should use the overwrite dialog that is shown when copying files (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001666: [File operations] Невозможна проверка контрольных сумм SHA224 из файлов (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0000171: [Graphical user interface] Add option: "Single Click To Open Files" (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001657: [Default] Lua: Error to use internal environment variables from parent DC (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001583: [Graphical user interface] Wish: option "show icons on buttons" (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001484: [Default] Comments of folders are not processing when copying and moving folders (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0000943: [File operations] Please support paths longer than 259 chars on Windows (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001470: [Default] Add an option to copy the working directory name to the clipboard where the cursor is at the first row in the file view panel (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001479: [Graphical user interface] Add an option to change to parent folder upon double-clicking empty part of file list (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0000997: [File operations] DC doesn't update descript.ion on file rename (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001435: [File operations] Multi rename - names from txt file (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001468: [Viewer] Files without read permission appears like empty files (Alexx2000) - closed.

19 of 26 issue(s) resolved. Progress (73%).
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