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Double Commander - 0.8.0 (Scheduled For Release 2017-12-31) View Issues ]
- 0001456: [Graphical user interface] Не исчезает подсвеченный мышкой каталог в адресной строке - acknowledged.
- 0001387: [File operations] Поиск по файлам с проверкой содержимого изменяет access time всех проверяемых файлов - acknowledged.
- 0001417: [Graphical user interface] Changed sorting settings aren't applied immediately after OK/Apply - acknowledged.
- 0001749: [Graphical user interface] MacOS-style Hotkeys to search text in viewer - acknowledged.
- 0001132: [Graphical user interface] [Patch] Most icons doesn't look right on Mac OS X - acknowledged.
- 0000678: [File operations] File type converter for viewer not working - acknowledged.
- 0001705: [File operations] Opening terminal while moving file keeps the file open on source drive (Alexx2000) - acknowledged.
- 0001840: [Viewer] List index out of bound in Viewer under Windows 10. - confirmed.
- 0001619: [Graphical user interface] Открытие окна поиска и нажатие стрелки вниз выдаёт не последний поисковый запрос (ошибка с автодополнением звёздочки) (Alexx2000) - assigned.
- 0000695: [Viewer] Standard Mac OS shortcuts for doesn't work in Viewer (Alexx2000) - assigned.
- 0001769: [Graphical user interface] Escape to cancel editing of fields in Custom columns settings (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001645: [Graphical user interface] The long name of a file or folder is truncated when it is the only file/folder on the drive (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001397: [Graphical user interface] Двойной щелчок по столбцу сортировки не воспринимается как два клика (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001737: [Graphical user interface] Do not close the rename field if the rename has failed (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001776: [File operations] Filenames not passed on correctly to MP3Tag (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001627: [Graphical user interface] Btn in the bottom panel, on scale 200% (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001694: [Default] Replace by in the Find files dialog should understand Regexp (\0, \1, \r, \n) when the appropriate checkbox is set (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001841: [Graphical user interface] Rename field has bad size and position in columns view with horizontal scrolling or with name column not in the first position (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001828: [Graphical user interface] DoubleCommander in taskbar on second monitor not visible (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001603: [Graphical user interface] Clicking on search result should bring main window to front (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001383: [Graphical user interface] Drag-n-Drop: Не меняется курсор мыши при зажатии/отпускании Shift, если не двигать курсор (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001829: [Default] Auto refresh and recent files coloration (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001775: [Default] Command of View Action in File associations runs multiple times when multiple files are selected (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001772: [Graphical user interface] Error: Pack to file ... - Function aborted by user (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001827: [Default] Error: Extract file - data is bad, but unpacks successfully after Skip (zip archive) (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001768: [Default] SVG support in Viewer and thumbnails (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001639: [Default] Access violation when changing the language, no crash followed (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001234: [File operations] Wrong estimated remaining time, if total amount of time is greather than 24 hours (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001802: [Viewer] Keyboard shortcuts to change encoding in Viewer (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001820: [Graphical user interface] Warn before start in multi-rename tool if there is a name conflict (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001821: [Default] Duplicate rows in multi-rename tool after file overwrite in name conflict situation (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001693: [Graphical user interface] MultiRename tool should use the overwrite dialog that is shown when copying files (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001714: [Viewer] When opening a search window in the viewer, search field should be filled with currently selected text (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001698: [Default] Cannot delete file/directory that is already deleted (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001785: [Graphical user interface] Interface partially covered and 5th line always selected (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001806: [Graphical user interface] Multirename: width of Columns OldFileName NewFileName FilePath always reset to a very small size (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001804: [Default] Фильтр в окне "выберите внутренню команду" регистрозависимый для нелатинских символов (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001393: [Editor] Syntax Highlighter - Built in Editor (F4) (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001788: [Default] Rename a directory. Merge? Yes. Cannot rename file c:\folder1 to folder2 (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001643: [Graphical user interface] Sorting direction arrow is missing when switching from Full view to Brief view. (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001780: [Plugins] ftp.wfx: cannot enter the plugin menu after adding an entry with empty name (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001771: [File operations] Context menu commands run with wrong current directory (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001475: [Graphical user interface] 22x22 should be 24x24 (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001466: [Logic] Mac: must use hotkeys Meta+C/ V/ X (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001631: [Graphical user interface] Формат размера файла с двумя знаками после запятой (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001666: [File operations] Невозможна проверка контрольных сумм SHA224 из файлов (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0000171: [Graphical user interface] Add option: "Single Click To Open Files" (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001657: [Default] Lua: Error to use internal environment variables from parent DC (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001583: [Graphical user interface] Wish: option "show icons on buttons" (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001484: [Default] Comments of folders are not processing when copying and moving folders (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0000943: [File operations] Please support paths longer than 259 chars on Windows (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001470: [Default] Add an option to copy the working directory name to the clipboard where the cursor is at the first row in the file view panel (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001479: [Graphical user interface] Add an option to change to parent folder upon double-clicking empty part of file list (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0000997: [File operations] DC doesn't update descript.ion on file rename (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001435: [File operations] Multi rename - names from txt file (Alexx2000) - resolved.
- 0001665: [Default] Ctrl + side arrow on an archive opens an empty temp directory in the other panel when an archive is already opened there - closed.
- 0001800: [File operations] Ошибка проверка CRC на "русскоязычными" файлами (Alexx2000) - closed.
- 0000194: [Graphical user interface] Extend filenames without extension to the max (Alexx2000) - closed.
- 0001751: [Graphical user interface] Size is padding with extra spaces at the left (Alexx2000) - closed.
- 0001468: [Viewer] Files without read permission appears like empty files (Alexx2000) - closed.

50 of 60 issue(s) resolved. Progress (83%).

Tasks - Roadmap

Tasks - 0.5.5 (Scheduled For Release 2013-12-31) View Issues ]
- 0000018: [- none -] FileSystemWatcher access to FOSWatchers is not protected properly - new.
- 0000246: [Plugins] Synchronize fparchive library with latest TurboPower Abbrevia (Alexx2000) - closed.
- 0000207: [General] Possibility to set commands/actions/hotkeys for any form (cobines) - closed.

2 of 3 issue(s) resolved. Progress (66%).

Tasks - 0.6.0 (Scheduled For Release 2014-12-31) View Issues ]
- 0000839: [- none -] Use GVolumeMonitor and GVolume to retrieve drive list and detect volume changes (Alexx2000) - closed.

1 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (100%).
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