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0001765Double CommanderFile operationspublic2017-03-12 23:422017-03-13 18:02
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Product Version0.7.7Product Build2016/12/24 
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Summary0001765: Prompt for filename on file paste when file already exists
DescriptionWhen pasting a file with a name that already exists, DC prefixes "Copy (1) " to the written file's name.

I do this all the time and usability-wise would be nice to not have to edit the filename and remove the "Copy (1) " each time.

I would prefer that DC prompt for the filename on paste when the file already exists.

To maintain backwards compatibility, perhaps a config option specifying the prefix to use, and allow empty string which causes the filename prompting.
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cordylus (developer)
2017-03-13 18:02

This is a great idea, I was also thinking about such feature. I thought it has to be a separate command with a separate hotkey - "duplicate file" or "copy to the current directory", but as I see it now, DC handles Copy-Paste to the same directory otherwise than the usual paste. When you paste a file in other directory with the file of the same name, it asks you whether it should overwrite, but when you paste it in the same folder - it auto-renames. So, the behavior with the same directory is already adjusted, just not in the optimal way. I suggest to show a usual copy dialog with the target name set to the auto-rename suggested variant, whose inserted part ("Copy (1) " or " (1)") will be selected, so it can be changed right away or left as it is with a simple Enter. It probably should indeed be bound to a new command, but no need for a new hotkey, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V will do.

P.S. To change the auto-rename prefix/suffix, see this option: File operations, Executing operations, Duplicated name auto-rename style.

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